Understanding Interstellar

Dr. Guillermo García Pérez 8.12.2018 – 14.00/17.00-19.00, Kino Diana


Last Science Cafe of 2018 will be a VERY special one! Dr. Guillermo García Pérez, from the University of Turku, will talk about “Understanding Interstellar”.

Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan, presents a thrilling science-fiction story in which humankind needs to leave Earth to survive. The scientific consultant of the film was Nobel laureate in physics Kip S. Thorne, who participated in the writing of the script and thoroughly calculated the physical environment. As a result, Interstellar is undoubtedly one of the most scientifically accurate Sci-Fi films ever produced, with stunningly realistic visual representations of exotic objects like wormholes and black holes. In this talk, Dr. García Pérez will present the main theories needed to understand the physics of the film, as well as its enigmatic and controversial ending.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The event, which will take place at Kino Diana (Humalistonkatu 3b), is divided in two parts (you can participate to any of them independently). There will first be the Interstellar film (14.00 – 17.00, tickets online and at the cinema) and then the Science Cafe talk about the physics of Interstellar (free event) from 17.00 to 19.00 (talk plus Q&A).

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Let there be (coherent) light!

Dr. Tom Kuusela 24.11.2018, 17-19.00. Koulu


Dr. Tom Kuusela, a quantum physicist from the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at the University of Turku, will be presenting a topic related to this year’s Nobel Prize in physics!

Light is an essential ingredient of the Universe, therefore it has been extensively studied in natural sciences. Many great figures of physics, including Newton, Maxwell, Einstein and Planck, have given their own contribution in exploring properties of light and asking: is it question about waves or particles? Today light is still the object of intensive research but also an excellent tool to investigate secrets of particles and materials. It is light that carries most of the information that we can capture from the physical reality.

We give a brief review of various aspects of light starting from the classical picture and ending with fascinating quantum properties of photons.

Beyond bones: human-animal relationship in medieval Turku

Dr. Auli Bläuer 27.10.2018, 17.00-19.00, Koulu


Zooarcheologist Dr. Auli Bläuer will be starting this season of Science Cafe with an exciting topic set in the hometown of Science Cafe Turku!

Humans and animals have shared common urban space hundreds of years in Turku. In this presentation historical Turku is explored from animal perspective. What kind of place was Turku for pigs to live in, for example? Also human-animal relationship in the town is explored. Animal held many roles in the lives of past Turku human inhabitants. They were utilized for food and raw material; they were seen as nuisance or danger but also kept as companions. Animals had also symbolic value and they were used in domestic rituals. Archaeological bone material found in Turku can help us to understand these complex relationships.